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X.1) Debian
X.1.1) Binary
* libsdl1.2debian
* libsdl-image1.2
* libsdl-mixer1.2
* libgl1-mesa-dri
* libxml2
* libfreetype6
* libpng12-0
* libopenal1
* libvorbis0a >=1.2.1 (Moot if binary is statically-linked.)
X.1.2) Source
* libsdl1.2-dev
* libsdl-image1.2-dev
* libsdl-mixer1.2-dev
* libgl1-mesa-dev
* libxml2-dev
* libfreetype6-dev
* libpng12-dev
* libopenal-dev
* libvorbis-dev >=1.2.1 (Older versions will work if using
static-linking makefile.)
* binutils-dev
NAEV's build system is rather simple - Install the dependencies
and then run make, and you're done.
However, many Linux distributions package antiquated versions of
libvorbis that are incompatible with NAEV.
To resolve this, static-linking patches for the Makefile have been
included, as well as static versions of libvorbis libaries.
These are only included in release tarballs, if compiling from git,
please download and extract
Example: wget
tar -xf libvorbis.tar.gz
The included static libraries are libvorbis 1.2.3, sourced from
Gentoo, but should work on all systems.
Assuming a 32-bit system, starting in the base dir:
patch -p1 < libvorbis/libvorbis-32.patch
If you wish to change the default ndata path, you can uncomment
the NDATA_DEF line in the Makefile and set it as applicable.
Example: NDATA_DEF := \"/usr/share/games/naev/ndata\"
Compilation can now proceed, simply type make and the compilation
should finish without issue.
One libxml warning is common. The cause has been fixed and it
will be incorporated in new libxml releases.
This will produce two files, naev and ndata. The naev binary will
search for ndata in the working and the binary directories.
Note: While only one audio backend needs to be compiled in, it's wise
to compile with both enabled to provide a fallback.
NAEV currently does not support 'make install', and will do nothing
beyond building the binary and ndata.
If you wish to create a .desktop for your desktop environment, logos
from 16x16 to 128x128 can be found in extras/logos
A manpage is also included. As a game, NAEV's manpage is a man(6) and
usually belongs in /usr/share/man/man6, though this may vary.
If NAEV is crashing during gameplay, please file a bug report after
If NAEV crashes on launch with an error such as 'undefined symbol:
ov_read_filter', your version of libvorbis is outdated, please see
the appropriate FAQ entry:
X.0) Introduction
X.0.0) About
NAEV uses a dynamic keybinding system that allows you to set
the keybindings to joystick, keyboard or a mixture of both.
This can changed via ~/.naev/conf.lua, or with the in-game editor.
X.0.1) Joystick
If you have a joystick you'll have to tell NAEV which joystick
to use. You can either use the -j or -J parameter from the
command-line or put it in the conf.lua file.
naev -j 0
naev -J "Precision"
joystick = "Precision" # in conf.lua
X.0.2) Syntax
[reverse = KEY_REVERSE, mod = MOD_IDENTIFIER] }
KEY_IDENTIFIER is the identifier given below
KEY_TYPE can be one of keyboard, jaxis or jbutton
KEY_NUMBER is the number of the key (found with xev usually, just
convert the keysym from hex to base 10)
KEY_REVERSE is whether it is reversed or not, which is only useful
in the case of jaxis
MOD_IDENTIFIER is the modifier to take into account, can be one of:
lctrl, rctrl, lshift, rshift, lmeta, rmeta, ralt, lalt
It isn't used with joystick bindings.
X.0.3) Example
accel = { type = "jbutton", key = 0 }
see conf.example for more examples
X.1) Keys
For an exhaustive list of default keybindings, please see
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