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* See Licensing and Copyright notice in naev.h
#ifndef CLAIM_H
# define CLAIM_H
#include "nxml.h"
/* Forward declaration. */
struct SysClaim_s;
typedef struct SysClaim_s SysClaim_t;
* Individual claim handling.
SysClaim_t *claim_create (void);
int claim_add( SysClaim_t *claim, int ss_id );
int claim_test( SysClaim_t *claim );
int claim_testSys( SysClaim_t *claim, int sys );
void claim_destroy( SysClaim_t *claim );
* Global claim handling.
void claim_clear (void);
void claim_activateAll (void);
void claim_activate( SysClaim_t *claim );
* Saving/loading.
int claim_xmlSave( xmlTextWriterPtr writer, SysClaim_t *claim );
SysClaim_t *claim_xmlLoad( xmlNodePtr parent );
#endif /* CLAIM_H */
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