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* See Licensing and Copyright notice in naev.h
#ifndef NEWS_H
# define NEWS_H
#include "nlua.h"
#include "ntime.h"
* @brief Represents a news article.
typedef struct news_s {
int id;
char *title; /**< Title of the news article. */
char *desc; /**< Content of the news article. */
char *faction; /**< Faction of the news article */
char *tag; /**< tag to identify article, added after creation */
ntime_t date; /**< Date added ascribed to the article, NULL if none */
ntime_t date_to_rm; /**< Date after which the article will be removed */
struct news_s* next; /**< pointer to next article in the list */
} news_t;
* Create/destroy
int news_init (void);
void news_exit (void);
* Display.
int *generate_news( char* faction );
void news_widget( unsigned int wid, int x, int y, int w, int h );
* News interactions
news_t* new_article( char* title, char* content, char* faction, ntime_t date,
ntime_t date_to_rm );
int free_article(int id);
news_t* news_get(int id);
#endif /* NEWS_H */
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