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#ifndef _TCOD_PERLIN_H
#define _TCOD_PERLIN_H
#define NOISE_MAX_OCTAVES 4 /**< Default octaves for noise. */
#define NOISE_DEFAULT_HURST 0.5 /**< Default hurst for noise. */
#define NOISE_DEFAULT_LACUNARITY 2. /**< Default lacunarity for noise. */
struct perlin_data_s;
typedef struct perlin_data_s perlin_data_t;
/* Creation. */
perlin_data_t* noise_new( int dim, float hurst, float lacunarity );
void noise_delete( perlin_data_t* pdata );
/* Basic perlin noise */
float noise_get3( perlin_data_t* pdata, float f[3] );
float noise_get2( perlin_data_t* pdata, float f[2] );
float noise_get1( perlin_data_t* pdata, float f[1] );
/* Turbulence */
float noise_turbulence3( perlin_data_t* pdata, float f[3], int octaves );
float noise_turbulence2( perlin_data_t* pdata, float f[2], int octaves );
float noise_turbulence1( perlin_data_t* pdata, float f[1], int octaves );
/* Simplex noise. */
float noise_simplex1( perlin_data_t* noise, float f[1] );
/* High level. */
float* noise_genRadarInt( const int w, const int h, float rug );
float* noise_genNebulaMap( const int w, const int h, const int n, float rug );
float* noise_genNebulaPuffMap( const int w, const int h, float rug );
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