Story Blockz aims to support people interested in creating linear stories for movies.
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#Story Blockz

Story Blockz was developed to support the task of creating outlines for movie scripts.

Story Blockz stores the data (the blocks) in browser's local storage. This means that blocks are only available in your browser but data persists after the browser is closed. You can close the browser and return later to continue.

Story Blockz should work online and offline

##Credits Story Blockz was created by nafergo ( & OpenLab ESEV) to support students in the task of creating scripts for short movies.

It's based on an awesome tutorial by Koes Bong available at

Fonts used: Raleway ( and Pinyon Script (

##License Story Blockz is released under GPL GNU v3 (


Click on each card text to edit.

Drag and drop to reorder the cards.

Use print to create a pdf.