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GRYT Focus

Socket.IO and jQuery based "deep focus" timer built to run in a browser tab or as a dedicated instance on a Raspberry Pi

Check it out at:

How to use it

  • Enter your task name
  • Set the length of your interruption free work session
  • Press the hourglass icon to start/stop the timer
  • Press the exclamation icon any time you get interrupted by external distractions unrelated to your work
  • Double click the save button to save your completed work session

Build Status

GRYT Focus Screenshot


  • Works on most modern web browsers including android device web browsers
  • Does NOT work on iOS devices

Requirements to a local server

OSX/Linux, Node.js (v7), Raspberry Pi (optional) with Raspbian Jessie


git clone
cd gryt-focus
npm install

Updgrading Node.js on Raspberry Pi

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Basic Usage

node server.js
  • Open http://localhost:8000 in a web browser.
  • Open http://localhost:8000?remote=true in a web browser to allow remote interaction commands.

Raspberry Pi Kiosk Usage

On your rpi, install the app accordingly and navigate to project directory. Then use:

  • Note that chromium-browser must be properly installed on your rpi

If you want to run the script on startup login, open your ~/.bashrc file in your home directory using your preferred text editor and append the following lines at the bottom:

sh /home/pi/Development/gryt-focus/

Prevent your Raspberry Pi from sleeping

Open the lightdm.conf file at /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf in your preferred text editor (you may have to prepend sudo to the command) and append the following line in the [SeatDefaults] section

xserver-command=X -s 0 -dpms

Control Raspberry Pi Kiosk Remotely

On your local machine, run cp sample-config.js config.js

Modify the local_app_url and remote_app_url inside config.js accordingly.

  • local_app_url should point to your app url if you run it locally
  • remote_app_url should point to your app running anywhere else (ideally your Raspberry Pi) (Your remote_app_url must be accessible publicly or privately on LAN)

Use send-command.js to administer commands to the app running remotely or locally in the format:

node send-command.js [local | remote] [action] [argument]

node send-command.js remote task "Work on a specific task"
node send-command.js remote toggle
node send-command.js remote interrupt
node send-command.js remote save
node send-command.js remote undo
node send-command.js remote snooze
node send-command.js remote mode

I suggest creating an alias like so:

alias gryt="node [PATH TO PROJECT DIRECTORY]/send-command.js remote"


Recommended : Run server.js with nodemon

npm install -g nodemon
nodemon server.js

Running Tests

Use npm test




Clean, minimal and remotely controllable "deep focus" timer built to run in-browser or as dedicated instance on a Raspberry Pi








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