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Minimal eLearning

A proof-of-concept eLearning solution which utilizes markdown files and parses them into lecture slides with interactive quizzes.


  • Convert a file written in standard Markdown into a set lecture or presentation slides
  • Embed quiz questions with explanations and references using a simple syntax within markdown
  • Markdown parsing using Showdown.js
  • Support for mathematical notation with MathJax
  • .md in-browser front-matter parsing using js-yaml-front-matter
  • Base cross-browser compatible CSS from HTML5 Boilerplate

How To Use

  1. Create a file in the form PRESENTATION_NAME.memd and place it in the /memd directory where PRESENTATION_NAME is the name for your given lecture or presentation

  2. Add title, author, date, math setting and optional background values as front-matter for meta regarding your presentation

title: "Example Presentation"
author: "Nafeu Nasir"
date: 2017-1-1
math: off
background: "white"
  1. Beneath your front-matter, create new slides simply by separating your markdown with +++ like so:
# Intro

Here is your first slide


Here is your second slide


Standard markdown supported.
  1. Including the custom directive <intro></intro> in its own slide will generate an intro slide using the presentations title and author


Installation / Development

git clone
cd minimal-elearning
bower install

Run your choice of development server out of the root directory.

ie. php -S localhost:8000 or python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000


A proof-of-concept eLearning solution which turns markdown files into lecture slides with interactive quizzes.





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