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Open Audio Visualizers for Processing

A set of tools to help build interactive audio visualizers with processing, written in Java using the Processing java-applet library with the help of Minim, Ani and the Beads project libraries.

Getting Started / Docs

Check out the full guide and docs available at the repo's wiki here. Documentation is a still a huge work-in-progress and I would greatly appreciate if anyone was interested in helping out :)

Setup and Installation

  • Download and install the Processing IDE
  • Using the Processing IDE, install the following packages:
    • Minim (for realtime audio analysis)
    • Ani (for tweening and smooth animations)
    • Beads (for time/tempo synced rhythmic operations)
    • You may also need to install the Processing Video package.
  • Setup your config.json file in src/data. An example file is provided to get you started.

Using Sublime

git clone [PROJECT_NAME]
subl .

Open the sketch.pde file and use the build command to run the sketch.


Using Processing (IDE)

git clone [PROJECT_NAME]

Open the sketch.pde file in Processing and run it.


Nafeu Nasir