A DSL in Scala for the development of SWT/JFace applications.
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ScalaSWT is an open source library for the implementation of SWT/JFace applications. It makes possible to write GUI 
code in a Scala DSL, which try to be more readable and concise than in plain Java. The library is currently experimental.

You are free to use it or change it but it is on your own responsibility. I don't grant any guarantees for this software.

The starting point was the contribution in:


I made some changes and add new stuff (like data binding) to this. One of the essential changes concerns the different 
treatment for nodes in the component tree and attributes of this nodes. Nodes are written in an embedded way (in curly 
braces), which reassembles the tree structure. Attributes are set as parameters of the node. Concerning this, it is like 
Groovy's Swing builder or JavaFX. For this approach the builder tracks the current position in the component tree, it 

Other design goals:
- the target users are programmers, the DSL should not reassemble the natural language
- code should be good readable, concise and declarative
- make the use of Java models as easy as Scala ones, specially for data binding
- use compiler type check as much as possible to avoid errors and obtain better IDE support
- both, plain SWT/JFace and RCP applications should be supported

I implemented the same example as in the refereed link above with the DSL and in plain
Java to compare and have a feeling of the potential win. The Java code is
larger, of course, but more relevant from my point of view is the readability
aspect. I compared using "wc" the method buildGui() in the Java version with the
equivalent Scala block and got this result:

antonio@antonio-laptop:~/workspace_experimentos/SWT DSL/src$ wc java
 77  220 3414 java
antonio@antonio-laptop:~/workspace_experimentos/SWT DSL/src$ wc scala
 35   96 1703 scala
antonio@antonio-laptop:~/workspace_experimentos/SWT DSL/src$

The numbers represents lines, words and chars.

Enjoy it,
Antonio R. Rodriguez Santiesteban.