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package reactive
import java.util.{Timer => juTimer, TimerTask}
import logging.Logger
private object _timer extends juTimer("reactive-core timer thread", true) with Logger {
case class ExceptionRunningTask(throwable: Throwable)
private def timerTask(block: =>Unit) = new TimerTask {
def run(): Unit =
catch {
case e: Throwable =>
def scheduleAtFixedRate(delay: Long, interval: Long)(p: =>Unit): TimerTask = {
val tt = timerTask(p)
super.scheduleAtFixedRate(tt, delay, interval)
def schedule(delay: Long)(p: =>Unit): TimerTask = {
val tt = timerTask(p)
super.schedule(tt, delay)
* An EventStream that fires events at the given interval.
* Event values are (delta time in milliseconds) + startValue
* There is no guarantee that the delta will be a multiple of interval, of course
* Events are fired on a java.util.Timer thread
* @param startValue the value this signal counts up from. Defaults to 0.
* @param interval the frequency at which to update the signal's value. Defaults to 1 second.
* @param until a function called with each tick that should return true to terminate the timer. By default it will never terminate.
class Timer(
private val startValue: Long = 0,
interval: Long = 1000,
until: Long=>Boolean = _ =>false
) extends EventSource[Long] {
case class Canceling(tick: Long)
private val origMillis = System.currentTimeMillis
private val tt: TimerTask = _timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(interval, interval) {
val tick = System.currentTimeMillis - origMillis + startValue
if(until(tick)) {
} else {
* A Var that updates itself based on the supplied call-by-name
* regularly, at a given interval, on a java.util.Timer thread.
* @param interval the rate at which to update self
* @param supplier a call-by-name that calculates the signal's value
//TODO should this really extend Var?
class RefreshingVar[T](interval: Long)(supplier: =>T) extends Var(supplier) {
_timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(interval, interval){value = supplier}