A Go client for Mattermost's webhooks API.
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Go Report Card

Simple Go client for Mattermost's WebHooks API.


$ go get -u https://github.com/nafisfaysal/matterhook


Basic text message

   webhookURL := "https://docs.mattermost.com/developer/webhooks-incoming.html"
   message := matterhook.Message{
      Text: "Hello MatterHook",
   err := matterhook.Send(weebhokURL, message)
   if err != nil {

Send message with attachments

    webhookURL := "https://matterhook.com/3423knkldv323"
    var msg matterhook.Message
    attachment := matterhook.Attachment{
        Text:  "Attact Text",
        Title: "Attact Title",
        Fields: []matterhook.Field{
                Title: "Attach field Title",
    anotherAttachment := matterhook.Attachment{
        Text:       "Hello",
        Title:      "No title",
        AuthorName: "nafis",
        AuthorIcon: "give author icon",
        Fields: []matterhook.Field{
                Title: "Filed Title",
                Value: "Some value",
                Short: true,
    msg.AddAttachments([]matterhook.Attachment{attachment, anotherAttachment})
    err := matterhook.Send(webhookURL, msg)
    if err != nil {


If you are interested to make the package better please send pull requests or create an issue so that others can fix.


The matterhook is an open-source software licensed under the MIT License.