A project creation utility for starting zc.buildout Python and Django projects.
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A project creation utility for starting zc.buildout Python and Django projects. In practical terms, buildout-starter is a Python script for quickly and easily creating Python and Django projects preconfigured with Buildout and setuptools.


The only prerequisites for installing the project are a Python interpreter and a bit of luck. To quickly install the script, simply use pip:

sudo pip install buildout-starter

If you don't have or want pip for some reason, you can use easy_install, too:

sudo easy_install buildout-starter

If you're a bit more adventurous, you can clone the project and compile it from source because you can:

# clone the repository
git clone git://github.com/rfkrocktk/buildout-starter.git
# cd into it
cd buildout-starter
# bootstrap the buildout
python buildout.py
# run buildout to set everything up
# manually install the project
sudo python setup.py install


Script usage attempts to be as easy as possible. Here is the script help page:

usage: buildout-start [-h] [-p PACKAGE_NAME] [--django] [--ipython] [--pydev]
                      name [parent_dir]

Creates a zc.buildout Python project with a given name.

positional arguments:
  name                  The name of the project to create.
  parent_dir            The optional parent directory to create the project
                        in. Defaults to the current directory.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PACKAGE_NAME, --package-name PACKAGE_NAME
                        The package name to use when creating the project. By
                        default, the [name] is sanitized and used, but there
                        are times when this yields undesirable results. Pass a
                        custom name here to force a specific package name.
  --django              Create a Django project rather than a simple Python
  --ipython             Generate an IPython interpreter in addition to the
                        regular Python interpreter in the bin directory.
  --pydev               Generate PyDev Eclipse project files.
  --git                 Generate a Git repository in the newly created
                        project. Includes .gitignore definitions.

In plain terms, if you'd like to create a barebones Python Buildout project, install the project first and then call

 buildout-start myawesomeproject

If you'd like to add in features, you can selectively add options mentioned above to integrate those features in your new project:

buildout-start --ipython --git myawesomeproject

Django projects are easily created by passing the --django flag:

buildout-start --ipython --django --git myawesomeproject

buildout-starter automatically sanitizes project names into Python package names where applicable. This is done by removing all non-alphanumeric characters and simply replacing hyphens with underscores. This means a project name like buildout-starter would be sanitized to be buildout_starter. If this is undesired, the package/sanitized project name can be submitted manually:

buildout-start --ipython --git -p buildoutstarter buildout-starter

If you'd like to create the package in a directory other than the current one, you can specify that directory after the project name:

buildout-start --git myawesomeproject ~/Documents/Projects/