Face and Landmark Detector for Anime/Manga. This is 2009s version of Imager::AnimeFace, but it works on recent system.
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AnimeFace 2009

The face detector for anime/manga. This is similar to lbpcascade_animeface, but it's more accurate and supports facial landmark detection. I developed this library in 2008~2009.

Original website: http://anime.udp.jp/ (in Japanese)


Figure (c) namco



  • Ruby
  • ImageMagick
  • gcc, make


sudo apt-get install libmagickwand-dev
sudo gem install rmagick

Arch Linux

Install imagemagick-full and ruby-rmagick from AUR, and then run ./build.sh.

Run sample code (Ruby)

cd animeface-ruby
ruby sample.rb <input image>

View at ${input_image}_out.png

Extract landmarks for a folder of images (Ruby)

First install Ruby package progress_bar. Then run:

cd animeface-ruby
ruby proc_folder.rb <input image folder> <output landmark file>

Each of the lines in the <output landmark file> is a JSON string corresponding to a file in <input image folder>. View the output file for more details.

Alternatively, replace proc_folder.rb with proc_folder_parallel.rb leads to image processing in parallel. This requires Ruby package parallel and ruby-progressbar

Create new dataset with animeface-ruby

  1. Prepare images first.
  2. Extract face images with animeface-ruby/face_collector.rb
face_collector.rb --src <image dir> --dest <output dir> --threshold <0.0~1.0, default: 0.2> --margin <0.0~, default: 0.1>
  1. Delete false positive images using windows explorer or something.
  2. Make annotation data from the filename (filename is formatted as ${orignal_file_name_without_extension}_${x}_${y}_${width}_${height}.png, see example)