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LDTP ( works on Windows/Linux/Mac/Solairs/FreeBSD/NetBSD/Palm Source, yes its Cross Platform GUI testing tool. Please share your feedback with us (

Mandatory requirements

  - GNOME Version - min 2.24
  - Accessibility should be enabled

Install the following packages

  - pyatspi (python-atspi)
  - python-twisted-web
  - python-wnck
  - python-gnome

Optional dependency packages

  - Python Imaging Library ( to compare two images
  - Pystatgrab ( to moitor memory and CPU utilization

Setting up LDTP from source in Linux environment

  - check out source from with the following command: 'git clone git://'
  - When prompted for password enter
  - change to the source directory with the following command: 'cd ldtp2'
  - build with 'python build'. Assuming that all the above mentioned packages are installed
  - setup with 'python install' as the root user

  Note: If your GNOME version is less than or equal to 2.24, then use LDTPv1 (1.7.x)

LDTP works in the following platforms:

  - OpenSuSE
  - OpenSolaris
  - Ubuntu
  - Debian GNU/Linux
  - Fedora Core
  - FreeBSD

How to write test scripts using ldtp for your module ?

  - How to create LDTP test scripts in python -
  - Refer existing pyautosuite test scripts -
  - Refer API Reference page for list of LDTP functions available -

How do I contact LDTP team incase of any help ?

  - Join the LDTP team on IRC for technical help, online
    Server  :
    Channel : #ldtp
  - Join the LDTP Mailing List -

If you are interested in contributing to LDTP ?

  - You are welcome to do that. Check TODO page and pitch in where ever you can contribute ;) - ping us in the mailing list

For Java compilation:

Download commons-codec-1.6.jar, ws-commons-util-1.0.2.jar, xmlrpc-client-3.1.3.jar, xmlrpc-common-3.1.3.jar and place it in JavaLDTP/lib/

Download jar files from this location or any other apache mirror. Make sure you have the version mentioned in the jar or latest

In eclipse its compiled by default. FIXME: Write how to compile from command line

# Note: The following steps created for Windows installer
To create Ldtp.jar

cd ldtp\JavaLDTP\bin
jar cvf ..\..\Ldtp.jar * # Note: Tested this on Mac with a forward slash though, haven't created Jar on Windows

To use LDTP Java library:

Include Ldtp.jar file available under ldtp folder in your project