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📆 Nager.Date - Official Website

Nager.Date is a popular project to query holidays. We currently support over 100 countries. The project is based on .NET but provides a REST interface to retrieve the data. There are several ways to use Nager.Date, there is a public api, you can start your own docker container or you can use the nuget package.

Nager.Date is open source software and is completely free for commercial use. If you would like to support the project you can award a GitHub star or send a small donation to me 🍻

How can I use it?

If you are use .net you can install the package over nuget for all other languages we have a docker image with a web api available.


The package is available on nuget

PM> install-package Nager.Date

web api

  • public use the public api API
    • If you need more as 50 requests per day please use your own private api (docker).
  • private use the docker container available on dockerhub
    • docker run -d -p 80:80 nagerat/nager-date

Donation possibilities

If this project help you reduce time to develop, you can give me a beer 🍺 Donate

Examples for .NET (nuget package)

Get all publicHolidays of a country and year

var publicHolidays = DateSystem.GetPublicHoliday(2017, "DE");
foreach (var publicHoliday in publicHolidays)
    //publicHoliday.Date -> The date
    //publicHoliday.LocalName -> The local name
    //publicHoliday.Name -> The english name
    //publicHoliday.Fixed -> Is this public holiday every year on the same date
    //publicHoliday.Global -> Is this public holiday in every county (federal state)
    //publicHoliday.Counties -> Is the public holiday only valid for a special county ISO-3166-2 - Federal states
    //publicHoliday.Type -> Public, Bank, School, Authorities, Optional, Observance

Get all publicHolidays for a date range

var startDate = new DateTime(2016, 5, 1);
var endDate = new DateTime(2018, 5, 31);
var publicHolidays = DateSystem.GetPublicHoliday(startDate, endDate, CountryCode.DE);
foreach (var publicHoliday in publicHolidays)

Check if a date is a public holiday

var date = new DateTime(2017, 1, 1);
if (DateSystem.IsPublicHoliday(date, CountryCode.DE))
    Console.WriteLine("Is public holiday");

Check if a date is a weekend day

var date = new DateTime(2017, 1, 1);
if (DateSystem.IsWeekend(date, CountryCode.DE))
    Console.WriteLine("Is weekend");

Calculate age

var date = new DateTime(1900, 1, 1);
var age = DateSystem.GetAge(date);

Country Support

The list of supported countries can be found on the wiki.

Areas of Application

  • telephone systems
  • carrier (land transport)
  • time recording

Blog Posts

Mark Seemann - Simple holidays

Alternative projects

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