Winter 2012/2013: Just an exercise in timers. Oh, it's a clock. It can be controlled via bluetooth for no reason.
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Just an exercise in timers. Oh, it's an arduino-compatable clock.

  1. Install ino
  2. Run

No idea if it works on hardware yet. Requires a Sparkfun SPI serial display connected to an Arduino Uno via SPI. SS on pin 10.

Time is automatically set from your computer's time when you upload the code.

current_time.h is automatically generated by so you must use this.

Connect an LDR on the high side of a potential divider to A6 for automatic brightness control.

Bluetooth control

Connect a TTL bluetooth serial port to the UART, or just a cable. Commands:

m : increment minute
M : decrement minute
h : increment hour
H : decrement hour

Use putty or picocom after pairing. From an android phone you can map buttons to commands with the app 'Android bluetooth SPP'