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Unibezel is a tough, parametric bezel suitable for mounting a touchscreen on to any wall. It has vents for passive cooling, holes for screws and cut-outs for cabling. It is an evolution of my last Amazon fire tablet mounting system.. It is built using OpenSCAD.

The OpenSCAD file (bezel.scad) is set up to fit the official Pi LCD display with a reversed Raspberry Pi 3 behind, with space for a generic 5v 802.11af PoE adaptor. There are also configurations for the Amazon Fire 5 tablet -- though, beware -- do not leave the battery in the tablet when wall mounted as it is a fire hazard. It is possible to power the tablet without the battery providing the battery interface board is left connected.

The design has optional cut-outs for a 20mm conduit entry point, as well as slopes on the top and bottom to increase toughness. Edges are mostly rounded and chamfered to reduce stress concentration.

pi-display-bezel.stl is provided for your convenience. It is a pre-built stl of the default configuration suitable for the official Pi display as above.

This design is the result of dozens of printed iterations. If you use this design, please attribute the original repository at

Finishing process

I've printed this design with PLA on my 3d printer. It seems to work well -- no supports are required when it is printed front-down.

Stop at step 5 if you're happy with a mediocre finish.

  1. Coat generously with flexible car body filler (2 part, toxic!)
  2. Sand flat with 80 or 120, round off sharp edges a small amount. Beware of dust.
  3. Continue with P240, P400, P600 etc
  4. Plastic Primer (2 or 3)
  5. Gloss black (2 or 3)
  6. Lacquer 3 or 4 coats
  7. Sand P2000, P4000, P5000
  8. Polish (car polish is good)
  9. Wax
  10. Detailer

Images (Raspberry Pi display)

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


A universal wall mounted 3D-printed touchscreen bezel







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