C# wrapper for the Tinify (TinyPNG) API.
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C# wrapper for the Tinify (TinyPNG) API.

The Tinify API allows you to compress and optimize JPEG and PNG images.


// Init a new instance of the class.
var tinify = new Tinify("--your-api-key-from-tiny-png--");

// Upload and shrink an image.
var resp = tinify.Shrink(Server.MapPath("~/wallhaven-88501.jpg"));

If you specify a second file in the Shrink function, it will automatically download the shrinked file. You can also pass along credentials and info to tell tiny-png to upload the shrinked file directly to Amazon S3.

The response object you get back from the wrapper can be used to scale, fit, or adjust the image before downloading it again.

// Create a cover with the uploaded image.
tinify.Cover(resp, 200, 200, Server.MapPath("~/wallhaven-88501-tinify-cover-200x200.jpg"));

// Create a thumbnail with the uploaded image.
tinify.Fit(resp, 200, 200, Server.MapPath("~/wallhaven-88501-tinify-fit-200x200.jpg"));

// Scale the uploaded image.
tinify.Scale(resp, 0, 200, Server.MapPath("~/wallhaven-88501-tinify-scale-200x200.jpg"));

The HTTP status code and description from the last request can be found in the tinify.LastHttpStatusCode and tinify.LastHttpStatusDescription respectivly.