SNMP MIBs for Nagios
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This is the initial set of MIBs for Nagios to allow traps sent from Nagios to be recognized by other NMSes.

Feedback should be directed to the Nagios Plugin Development Forum.


Once you've downloaded the MIB package, you'll need to install libsmi. If you're running RHEL/Cent, this is as easy as

yum install -y libsmi

Now that you have the proper dependencies, you can run

make all && make install
  • make all will run smistrip on the modules themselves. Alternatively, you can run make all && make test to ensure that the modules were built successfully.

  • make install will attempt to locate your MIB directory automatically to copy the modules.

If for some reason make install fails, you can simply copy the MIBs to their proper location with the following command:

cp ./MIB/* /path/to/your/mibs/