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[Not really maintained anymore] BFM is an Apache Licenced server file manager for Django made with ease of use and new web technologies in mind.
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Django Basic File Manager



  • Modern browser - BFM relies on a bunch of HTML5 features.
  • Django 1.3 (Not tested with 1.2 and below)


  • Install it with either of:
    • pip install django_bfm
    • easy_install django_bfm
    • You can also put django_bfm directory directly into your project directory, if you want.
  • Add following to INSTALLED_APPS in your project

  • Add following to urlpatterns in

    url(r'^files/', include('django_bfm.urls')),


Variables in, that influence behavior of BFM. Wiki has more extensive explanation, so you may want to look at it.

  • BFM_MEDIA_DIRECTORY (if not set, then MEDIA_ROOT is used) - absolute path to directory, where uploaded files are.
  • BFM_MEDIA_URL (may use MEDIA_URL as value) - Let's BFM to construct clickable links to files.
  • BFM_FILES_IN_PAGE (default - 20) - integer. Tells BFM, how much files to show in one page.
  • BFM_COUNT_DIR_CONTENTS (default - False) - boolean. Tells BFM, if it should count files in directory and show them as directory size.
  • LOGIN_URL - user will be redirected there if not logged in.

Things to note

  • You must be logged as staff user to use file manager
  • If you're not logged in, then you will be redirected to login page at settings.LOGIN_URL
  • It's young project

Tested Browsers

  • Chromium 15
  • Midori 0.4.0
  • Chrome 13
  • Firefox 6
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