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SNMP PassPersist backend for Net-SNMP
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This module is a SNMP passpersist backend for Net-SNMP.

The snmp_passpersist.PassPersist class present a convenient way to creare a MIB subtree and expose it to snmp via it's passpersist protocol.
Two thread are used, one for talking with snmpd and a second that trigger the update process at a fixed interval.

The keyword 'DUMP' has been added to the protocol for testing purpose.

Usage example: in a file /path/to/your/ :

> #!/usr/bin/python -u
> import snmp_passpersist as snmp
> def update():
>   pp.add_int('0.1',123)
> pp=snmp.PassPersist(".")
> pp.start(update,30) # Every 30s

With the folowing line in snmpd.conf : 

pass_persist    .     /path/to/your/

A Real-world example is available here:

Another example that show the usage of the 'set' feature is available in the 'example/' directory.

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