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; CP command for esxDOS
; Errata:
; 1. No sanitization of file names (maybe esxDOS system calls do it)
include "lib/sysvars.asm"
include "lib/hooks.asm"
include "lib/empty-usage.asm"
arg_e: equ 2400h
execute:ld de,f_name
parsel: ld a,(hl)
or a
jr z,parsee
cp ":"
jr z,parsee
cp 00dh
jr z,parsee
cp " "
jr z,parse2
ld a,d
cp arg_e / 100h
jr c,parsel ; guard against buffer overflow
jr usage
parse2: xor a
ld (de),a
ld a,(f_name2 + 1)
or a
jr nz,usage ; guard against more than two arguments
inc hl
inc de
ld (f_name2),de
jr parsel
parsee: xor a
ld (de),a
ld hl,(f_name2)
ld a,l
or h
jr z,usage ; missing target
ld hl,f_name
ld a,(hl)
and a
jr z,usage ; missing source
ld hl,(f_name2) ; if target is
call chkdir ; not a directory
jr nz,docopy ; then jump forward
push hl ; otherwise save terminator
ld hl,f_name ; take the source
call basename ; file base name
pop de ; restore terminator in DE
call strcpy ; append to target path
docopy: ld hl,f_name
ld a,"*"
ld b,fopen_r
rst 8
defb fopen
ret c
ld (fd_src),a
ld hl,(f_name2)
ld a,"*"
ld b,fopen_w
rst 8
defb fopen
jr c,exit
ld (fd_trg),a
call buf32k
bufptr: equ $ + 1
copyl: ld hl,arg_e
buflen: equ $ + 1
ld bc,01000h
ld a,(fd_src)
push hl
push bc
rst 8
defb fread
pop de
pop hl
jr c,exit
ld a,(fd_trg)
push de
rst 8
defb fwrite
pop de
jr c,exit
ld a,b
cp d
jr nz,finish
jr copyl
finish: or a
exit: push af
ld a,(fd_src)
and a
call nz,f_close
ld a,(fd_trg)
and a
call nz,f_close
pop af
f_close:rst 8
defb fclose
include "lib/strcpy.asm"
include "lib/basename.asm"
include "lib/chkdir.asm"
include "lib/puts.asm"
include "lib/buffer.asm"
usaget: defb "Usage: cp source target", 0dh, 00h
f_name2:defw 0
fd_src: defb 0
fd_trg: defw 0
f_name: include "lib/align512.asm"
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