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Have you ever wanted to play a game of tennis, soccer, or even a game of chess, only to find to your dismay that none of your friends is free to play? If you’ve been in this situation, fret no more! PlayAMatch is an IOS application that aims to connect people looking to play a game with others in the area who are looking to play the same game as well. Using PlayAMatch, people can login, view a list of events, create/join events, and chat with other people participating in the same event. So if one Sunday evening you want to play a game of tennis, all you have to do is open up PlayAMatch, find someone else who’s looking to play a game of tennis (by either creating a tennis event or joining an existing one) and then get in touch with him/her via chat messages. This way, you get to burn some calories, meet new people, and have fun playing your favourite game, all at the same time!

To use PlayAMatch, the user has to login with Facebook

The user then sees an event feed, which is a list of events in the same area

The user can join events, and leave joined events

The user can also create events with details

A user who creates an event can update an event, manage users joined, and delete the event

CRUD operations on events update in REAL TIME on all devices (we used Firebase)

Every event is equipped with a group chat between all the members of the event

And finally, every user can view his profile, and all events joined/created

A slightly outdated video demonstration:

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