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Jasper is a color tool to expand your color vocabulary and provide a new form of inspiration for all.

Building on colors inspiration tools like Adobe's Color, Design Seeds and LOLColors. I want to give users daily color inspiration from Pantone's color of the day. I would like to build a Slack bot to help users think about color in a new light (the Pantone light) and expand the user's color vocabulary. Additionally I would like users to have the option to request images that use that color for further inspiration. I plan to build this by pulling the color of the day from Pantone's Colorstrology and using the color to search Dribbble or other such sites to surfaces images for the user.

For this iteration, I decided to build with an SMS bot using Twilio, to keep complexity down. I do plan to port Jasper to Slack as the interactions for a team will be far more compelling than that of an individual.

Sadnote: Pantone does not store a public list of all their daily colors :(

In this Version (V1.0) Jasper can pull up today’s color of the day provide up to 4 images what use that color, pull up yesterday’s color with images and have a bit of fun with the responses. The color data is scraped from Pantone's Colorstrology site and stored a database which is made up of 2 tables. After the color data is collected a secondary function runs that scrapes 4 images from Dribbble given the hex value of the color, which is then stored in the images table.