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require 'oauthclient'
require 'zlib'
require 'stringio'
# Get your own consumer token from
consumer_key = nil
consumer_secret = nil
callback = 'http://localhost/' # should point somewhere else...
scope = ''
request_token_url = ''
access_token_url = ''
STDOUT.sync = true
# create OAuth client.
client =
client.oauth_config.consumer_key = consumer_key
client.oauth_config.consumer_secret = consumer_secret
client.oauth_config.signature_method = 'HMAC-SHA1'
client.oauth_config.http_method = :get # Twitter does not allow :post
client.debug_dev = STDERR if $DEBUG
# Get request token.
res = client.get_request_token(request_token_url, callback, :scope => scope)
p res.status
p res.oauth_params
p res.content
p client.oauth_config
token = res.oauth_params['oauth_token']
secret = res.oauth_params['oauth_token_secret']
raise if token.nil? or secret.nil?
# You need to confirm authorization out of band.
puts "Go here and do confirm:{token}&domain=#{consumer_key}&scope=#{scope}"
puts "Type oauth_verifier (if given) and hit [enter] to go"
require 'cgi'
verifier = CGI.unescape(gets.chomp)
verifier = nil if verifier.empty?
# Get access token.
res = client.get_access_token(access_token_url, token, secret, verifier)
p res.status
p res.oauth_params
p res.content
p client.oauth_config
id = res.oauth_params['user_id']
puts "Access token usage example"
puts "Hit [enter] to go"
# Access to a protected resource.
# @consumption requires Buzz API
puts client.get_content("", :alt => :json, :prettyprint => true)