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array colors['red', 'green'] must convert to
colors[]=red&colors[]=green but not colors=red&colors=green

Boris Kuznetsov fix bug with array into params
array `colors['red', 'green']` must convert to
`colors[]=red&colors[]=green` but not `colors=red&colors=green`

Hiroshi Nakamura » httpclient #86 FAILURE
Looks like there's a problem with this pull request
(what's this?)


@nahi What do you think about?

nahi commented Dec 2, 2013

Is this a Rails convention, right? I'm open to add this as a new feature but I don't want to break existing application.


right, here is to params convert sample into rails console

I have a trouble with fix specs for changes


As far as I know, there is no "right answer" for it.


if Rails gets query params encoded as "foo=x&foo=y" then in the end randomly (well randomness in this case may mean always last value, but haven't checked) results:

  foo: 'y'

which is clearly inapproriate.

So currently params must be manually encoded (aka. "params.to_query") if using Rails as backend server.

This naturally means that default behavior of HTTPClient is broken with Rails. Note that this is also inconsistent with default behavior of "rest-client" gem (common simple REST client), which may cause surprise when switching to HTTPClient.

When fixing this, please also consider addressing "null value" encoding, so that null value doesn't convert into empty string. In Rails, if query param is passed in as "foo" then it is interpreted as nil, while "foo=" comes out as empty string.

Of course using "application/json" encoding in body avoids problem, but for GET calls that option is naturally not available.

Surely could just document well, that one must use "params.to_query" if wanting this possibly Rails specific encoding convention (especially since "to_query" will also manage Rails specific logic for encoding nested map structures).


I think that we can resolve this just added a configuration file with setting called like "query_params_pattern"

@nahi nahi added the Feedback label Nov 3, 2014
nahi commented Nov 3, 2014

Adding option sounds nice.

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