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2011-12-24 (1.6.4)
* Patches that improve speed on JRuby contributed by Charles Oliver Nutter
* Support object_class/array_class with duck typed hash/array.
2011-12-01 (1.6.3)
* Let JSON.load('') return nil as well to make mysql text columns (default to
'') work better for serialization.
2011-11-21 (1.6.2)
* Add support for OpenStruct and BigDecimal.
* Fix bug when parsing nil in quirks_mode.
* Make JSON.dump and JSON.load methods better cooperate with Rails' serialize
method. Just use: serialize :value, JSON
* Fix bug with time serialization concerning nanoseconds. Thanks for the
patch go to Josh Partlow (jpartlow@github).
* Improve parsing speed for JSON numbers (integers and floats) in a similar way to
what Evan Phoenix <> suggested in:
2011-09-18 (1.6.1)
* Using -target 1.5 to force Java bits to compile with 1.5.
2011-09-12 (1.6.0)
* Extract utilities (prettifier and GUI-editor) in its own gem json-utils.
* Split json/add/core into different files for classes to be serialised.
2011-08-31 (1.5.4)
* Fix memory leak when used from multiple JRuby. (Patch by
* Apply patch by Eric Wong <> that fixes garbage collection problem
reported in
* Add :quirks_mode option to parser and generator.
* Add support for Rational and Complex number additions via json/add/complex
and json/add/rational requires.
2011-06-20 (1.5.3)
* Alias State#configure method as State#merge to increase duck type synonymy with Hash.
* Add as_json methods in json/add/core, so rails can create its json objects
the new way.
2011-05-11 (1.5.2)
* Apply documentation patch by Cory Monty <>.
* Add gemspecs for json and json_pure.
* Fix bug in jruby pretty printing.
* Fix bug in object_class and array_class when inheriting from Hash or Array.
2011-01-24 (1.5.1)
* Made rake-compiler build a fat binary gem. This should fix issue
2011-01-22 (1.5.0)
* Included Java source codes for the Jruby extension made by Daniel Luz
* Output full exception message of deep_const_get to aid debugging.
* Fixed an issue with ruby 1.9 Module#const_defined? method, that was
reported by Riley Goodside.
2010-08-09 (1.4.6)
* Fixed oversight reported in,
always create a new object from the state prototype.
* Made pure and ext api more similar again.
2010-08-07 (1.4.5)
* Manage data structure nesting depth in state object during generation. This
should reduce problems with to_json method definіtions that only have one
* Some fixes in the state objects and additional tests.
2010-08-06 (1.4.4)
* Fixes build problem for rubinius under OS X,
* Fixes crashes described in and
2010-05-05 (1.4.3)
* Fixed some test assertions, from Ruby r27587 and r27590, patch by nobu.
* Fixed issue reported by
electronicwhisper@github. Thx!
2010-04-26 (1.4.2)
* Applied patch from naruse Yui NARUSE <> to make building with
Microsoft Visual C possible again.
* Applied patch from devrandom <> in order to allow building of
json_pure if extensiontask is not present.
* Thanks to Dustin Schneider <>, who reported a memory
leak, which is fixed in this release.
* Applied 993f261ccb8f911d2ae57e9db48ec7acd0187283 patch from josh@github.
2010-04-25 (1.4.1)
* Fix for a bug reported by Dan DeLeo <>, caused by T_FIXNUM
being different on 32bit/64bit architectures.
2010-04-23 (1.4.0)
* Major speed improvements and building with simplified
* Extension should at least be comapatible with MRI, YARV and Rubinius.
2010-04-07 (1.2.4)
* Triger const_missing callback to make Rails' dynamic class loading work.
2010-03-11 (1.2.3)
* Added a State#[] method which returns an attribute's value in order to
increase duck type compatibility to Hash.
2010-02-27 (1.2.2)
* Made some changes to make the building of the parser/generator compatible
to Rubinius.
2009-11-25 (1.2.1)
* Added :symbolize_names option to Parser, which returns symbols instead of
strings in object names/keys.
2009-10-01 (1.2.0)
* fast_generate now raises an exeception for nan and infinite floats.
* On Ruby 1.8 json supports parsing of UTF-8, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, UTF-32BE,
and UTF-32LE JSON documents now. Under Ruby 1.9 the M17n conversion
functions are used to convert from all supported encodings. ASCII-8BIT
encoded strings are handled like all strings under Ruby 1.8 were.
* Better documentation
2009-08-23 (1.1.9)
* Added forgotten main doc file extra_rdoc_files.
2009-08-23 (1.1.8)
* Applied a patch by OZAWA Sakuro <> to make json/pure
work in environments that don't provide iconv.
* Applied patch by okkez_ in order to fix Ruby Bug #1768:
* Finally got around to avoid the rather paranoid escaping of ?/ characters
in the generator's output. The parsers aren't affected by this change.
Thanks to Rich Apodaca <> for the suggestion.
2009-06-29 (1.1.7)
* Security Fix for JSON::Pure::Parser. A specially designed string could
cause catastrophic backtracking in one of the parser's regular expressions
in earlier 1.1.x versions. JSON::Ext::Parser isn't affected by this issue.
Thanks to Bartosz Blimke <> for reporting this
* This release also uses a less strict ruby version requirement for the
creation of the mswin32 native gem.
2009-05-10 (1.1.6)
* No changes. І tested native linux gems in the last release and they don't
play well with different ruby versions other than the one the gem was built
with. This release is just to bump the version number in order to skip the
native gem on rubyforge.
2009-05-10 (1.1.5)
* Started to build gems with rake-compiler gem.
* Applied patch object/array class patch from Brian Candler
<> and fixes.
2009-04-01 (1.1.4)
* Fixed a bug in the creation of serialized generic rails objects reported by
Friedrich Graeter <>.
* Deleted tests/runner.rb, we're using testrb instead.
* Editor supports Infinity in numbers now.
* Made some changes in order to get the library to compile/run under Ruby
* Improved speed of the code path for the fast_generate method in the pure
2008-07-10 (1.1.3)
* Wesley Beary <> reported a bug in json/add/core's DateTime
handling: If the nominator and denominator of the offset were divisible by
each other Ruby's Rational#to_s returns them as an integer not a fraction
with '/'. This caused a ZeroDivisionError during parsing.
* Use Date#start and DateTime#start instead of sg method, while
remaining backwards compatible.
* Supports ragel >= 6.0 now.
* Corrected some tests.
* Some minor changes.
2007-11-27 (1.1.2)
* Remember default dir (last used directory) in editor.
* JSON::Editor.edit method added, the editor can now receive json texts from
the clipboard via C-v.
* Load json texts from an URL pasted via middle button press.
* Added :create_additions option to Parser. This makes it possible to disable
the creation of additions by force, in order to treat json texts as data
while having additions loaded.
* Jacob Maine <> reported, that JSON(:foo) outputs a JSON
object if the rails addition is enabled, which is wrong. It now outputs a
JSON string "foo" instead, like suggested by Jacob Maine.
* Discovered a bug in the Ruby Bugs Tracker on rubyforge, that was reported
by John Evans He could produce a crash in the JSON
generator by returning something other than a String instance from a
to_json method. I now guard against this by doing a rather crude type
check, which raises an exception instead of crashing.
2007-07-06 (1.1.1)
* Yui NARUSE <> sent some patches to fix tests for Ruby
1.9. I applied them and adapted some of them a bit to run both on 1.8 and
* Introduced a JSON.parse! method without depth checking for people who like
* Made generate and pretty_generate methods configurable by an options hash.
* Added :allow_nan option to parser and generator in order to handle NaN,
Infinity, and -Infinity correctly - if requested. Floats, which aren't numbers,
aren't valid JSON according to RFC4627, so by default an exception will be
raised if any of these symbols are encountered. Thanks to Andrea Censi
<> for his hint about this.
* Fixed some more tests for Ruby 1.9.
* Implemented dump/load interface of Marshal as suggested in ruby-core:11405
by murphy <>.
* Implemented the max_nesting feature for generate methods, too.
* Added some implementations for ruby core's custom objects for
serialisation/deserialisation purposes.
2007-05-21 (1.1.0)
* Implemented max_nesting feature for parser to avoid stack overflows for
data from untrusted sources. If you trust the source, you can disable it
with the option max_nesting => false.
* Piers Cawley <> reported a bug, that not every
character can be escaped by ?\ as required by RFC4627. There's a
contradiction between David Crockford's JSON checker test vectors (in
tests/fixtures) and RFC4627, though. I decided to stick to the RFC, because
the JSON checker seems to be a bit older than the RFC.
* Extended license to Ruby License, which includes the GPL.
* Added keyboard shortcuts, and 'Open location' menu item to edit_json.rb.
2007-05-09 (1.0.4)
* Applied a patch from Yui NARUSE <> to make JSON compile
under Ruby 1.9. Thank you very much for mailing it to me!
* Made binary variants of JSON fail early, instead of falling back to the
pure version. This should avoid overshadowing of eventual problems while
loading of the binary.
2007-03-24 (1.0.3)
* Improved performance of pure variant a bit.
* The ext variant of this release supports the mswin32 platform. Ugh!
2007-03-24 (1.0.2)
* Ext Parser didn't parse 0e0 correctly into 0.0: Fixed!
2007-03-24 (1.0.1)
* Forgot some object files in the build dir. I really like that - not!
2007-03-24 (1.0.0)
* Added C implementations for the JSON generator and a ragel based JSON
parser in C.
* Much more tests, especially fixtures from
* Further improved conformance to RFC4627.
2007-02-09 (0.4.3)
* Conform more to RFC4627 for JSON: This means JSON strings
now always must contain exactly one object "{ ... }" or array "[ ... ]" in
order to be parsed without raising an exception. The definition of what
constitutes a whitespace is narrower in JSON than in Ruby ([ \t\r\n]), and
there are differences in floats and integers (no octals or hexadecimals) as
* Added aliases generate and pretty_generate of unparse and pretty_unparse.
* Fixed a test case.
* Catch an Iconv::InvalidEncoding exception, that seems to occur on some Sun
boxes with SunOS 5.8, if iconv doesn't support utf16 conversions. This was
reported by Andrew R Jackson <>, thanks a bunch!
2006-08-25 (0.4.2)
* Fixed a bug in handling solidi (/-characters), that was reported by
Kevin Gilpin <>.
2006-02-06 (0.4.1)
* Fixed a bug related to escaping with backslashes. Thanks for the report go
to Florian Munz <>.
2005-09-23 (0.4.0)
* Initial Rubyforge Version