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  • Check for illegal nil before executing SQL [Erik Veenstra]

1.2.4 / 27 Aug 2008

  • Package the updated C file for source builds. [Jamis Buck]

1.2.3 / 26 Aug 2008

  • Fix incorrect permissions on database.rb and translator.rb [Various]

  • Avoid using Object#extend for greater speedups [Erik Veenstra]

  • Ruby 1.9 compatibility tweaks for Array#zip []

  • Fix linking against Ruby 1.8.5 [Rob Holland <>]

1.2.2 / 31 May 2008

  • Make the table_info method adjust the returned default value for the rows so that the sqlite3 change in 3.3.8 and greater can be handled transparently [Jamis Buck <>]

  • Ruby 1.9 compatibility tweaks [Roman Le Negrate <>]

  • Various performance enhancements [thanks Erik Veenstra]

  • Correct busy_handler documentation [Rob Holland <>]

  • Use int_bind64 on Fixnum values larger than a 32bit C int can take. [Rob Holland <>]

  • Work around a quirk in SQLite's error reporting by calling sqlite3_reset to produce a more informative error code upon a failure from sqlite3_step. [Rob Holland <>]

  • Various documentation, test, and style tweaks [Rob Holland <>]

  • Be more granular with time/data translation [Rob Holland <>]

  • Use Date directly for parsing rather than going via Time [Rob Holland <>]

  • Check for the rt library and fdatasync so we link against that when needed [Rob Holland <>]

  • Rename data structures to avoid collision on win32. based on patch by: Luis Lavena [Rob Holland <>]

  • Add test for defaults [Daniel Rodríguez Troitiño]

  • Correctly unquote double-quoted pragma defaults [Łukasz Dargiewicz <>]