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-= WEB server toolkit.
-WEBrick is an HTTP server toolkit that can be configured as an HTTPS server,
-a proxy server, and a virtual-host server. WEBrick features complete
-logging of both server operations and HTTP access. WEBrick supports both
-basic and digest authentication in addition to algorithms not in RFC 2617.
-A WEBrick servers can be composed of multiple WEBrick servers or servlets to
-provide differing behavior on a per-host or per-path basis. WEBrick
-includes servlets for handling CGI scripts, ERb pages, ruby blocks and
-directory listings.
-WEBrick also includes tools for daemonizing a process and starting a process
-at a higher privilege level and dropping permissions.
-== Copyright
-Author: IPR -- Internet Programming with Ruby -- writers
-Copyright (c) 2000 TAKAHASHI Masayoshi, GOTOU YUUZOU
-Copyright (c) 2002 Internet Programming with Ruby writers. All rights reserved.
+ WEBrick for CRuby trunk and gem:
+ WEBrick for ruby_1_8_7:

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