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Web based File Manager in single PHP file, Manage your files efficiently and easily with Tiny File Manager
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Tiny File Manager

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It is a simple, fast and small file manager with single php file. It is also a web code editor. It'll run either online or locally, on Linux, Windows or Mac based platforms. The only requirement is to have PHP 5.5+ available.



Login Details : admin/admin@123 | user/12345

Documents | Password Generater

Tiny File Manager


  • PHP 5.5.0 or higher.
  • Fileinfo, iconv, zip, tar and mbstring extensions are strongly recommended.

How to use

Download ZIP with latest version from master branch.

Just copy the tinyfilemanager.php to your webspace - thats all :) You can also change the file name from "tinyfilemanager.php" to something else, you know what i meant for.

Default username/password: admin/admin@123 and user/12345.

Warning: Please set your own username and password in $auth_users before use. password is encrypted with password_hash(). to generate new password hash here

To enable/disable authentication set $use_auth to true or false.

Supported constants:

  • FM_ROOT_URL - default is 'http(s)://site.domain/'
  • FM_SELF_URL - default is 'http(s)://site.domain/' . $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']
  • FM_ICONV_INPUT_ENC - default is 'CP1251'
  • FM_USE_HIGHLIGHTJS - default is true
  • FM_HIGHLIGHTJS_STYLE - default is 'vs'
  • FM_DATETIME_FORMAT - default is 'd.m.y H:i'
  • FM_EXTENSION - default is "" //upload files extensions

📢 Features

  • 💿 Open Source, light and extremely simple
  • 📱 Mobile friendly view for touch devices
  • ℹ️ Basic features likes Create, Delete, Modify, View, Quick View, Download, Copy and Move files
  • Ajax Upload, Ability to drag & drop, upload from URL, multiple files upload and file extensions filter
  • 📁 Ability to create folders and files
  • 🎁 Ability to compress, extract files (zip, tar)
  • 😎 Support user permissions - based on session and each user root folder mapping
  • 💾 Copy direct file URL
  • ✏️ Cloud9 IDE - Syntax highlighting for over 150+ languages, Over 35+ themes with your favorite programming style
  • 📄 Google/Microsoft doc viewer helps you preview PDF/DOC/XLS/PPT/etc. 25 MB can be previewed with the Google Drive viewer
  • ⚡️ Backup files and IP white and blacklisting
  • 🔎 Search - Search and Sorting using datatable js
  • 📁 Exclude folders from listing
  • 🌐 Multi-language support (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Thailand, Chinese and more..) for translations translation.json is file required
  • ‼️ lots more...

License, Credit

  • Available under the GNU license
  • Original concept and development by
  • CDN Used - jQuery, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Highlight js, ace js, DropZone js, ekko-lightbox js, and DataTable js
  • To report a bug or request a feature, please file an issue
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