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Architecture as code using Structurizr
Java Shell
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Arch as code

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Arch as code project is to manage product architecture as code.

By following this approach we will be able to manage our architecture documents, models, decisions and diagrams in the same way we do code and gain all the tools and workflows supporting modern development. Think PR reviews, static code analysis, continuous integration & continuous deployment.

Specifically we are making use of the Structurizr tool by Simon Brown as the basis for structuring and storing our architecture models, decisions, views and documentation.

Getting Started

0. Create Structurizr Account

See Structurizr getting started guide on how to setup a new account and get a free workspace.

1. Install arch-as-code cli

Arch as code required java 8 or greater to be installed.

Mac OSX & Linux

mkdir -p ~/arch-as-code && curl -s | grep "browser_download_url" | cut -d : -f 2,3 | tr -d \" | xargs curl -L | tar --strip-components 1 -x -C ~/arch-as-code

export PATH=$PATH:~/arch-as-code/bin

arch-as-code --help


Download the latest binary here.


2. Configure Structurizr workspace details

Initialize arch-as-code using information available Structurizr workspace (available from dashboard):



3. Publish changes to Structurizr


4. View your changes on Structurizr

Go to [<YOUR_WORKSPACE_ID>] to view changes you've made.


Build Pre-requisites

  • Java 1.8 or greater.
  • Create Structurizr credentials file under .arch-as-code/structurizr/credentials.json. You can find sample file under src/main/resources/sample_credentials.json and update with contents. You can find workspaces specific keys from


Builds and tests application code for publishing architecture data structure to Structurizr.

Tests operate against a "test" Structurizr workspace.

./gradlew build

Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

Continuous integration is currently being done using GitHub Actions (will change soon).

Continuous deployment (publishing documentation) is currently being done using GitHub Actions (will change soon).

GitHub Actions configuration is captured under .github/workflows/

Structurizr Notes

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