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My Symfony2 toolbox

I'll put here my personal set of tools built for my Symfony2 experiments.


This is a Bash completion script for your Symfony2 projects. It will enable auto-complete in CLI for any "console" and "symfony" scripts. It should work for sf 1.x though it has not been tested.

  • Advantage: no need to install any additional bundle in your project, it works out of the box, for any sf2 project.
  • Installation: copy script content to /etc/bash_completion, or put script file into /etc/bash_completion.d/ (depending on your system architecture).
  • Known bug: Ubuntu provides a patched version of PHP5-CLI that completely sucks and simply breaks any completion script as soon as it's called. For Ubuntu machines, the script needs to rely on PHP-CGI, so you'll have to "sudo apt-get install php-cgi" before using this script. See Bug #53040 for more information.
  • Your script is not called "console" nor "symfony" ? Just add yours in the last line of the completion script.

Create a directory for your project, chdir to this directory, and call the script. It will:

  • Download Symfony 2 PR7 Standard Edition
  • git init
  • ask for git config if necessary
  • add vendors
  • commit

This script is not "configurable": working directory will be used for installation, and Symfony2 package version is in the script. Edit it for your own needs.