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Default usage

// Load module:
var i18n = require('/path/to/i18n');
// Optional: set default locale
i18n.defaultLocale = 'fr';
// Optional: add prefix and suffix around untranslated strings (default = '[T]' and '[/T]'
// Mandatory: load translation data
  catalogue, // Catalogue to load, undefined if you want to load default catalogue
  locales,   // array of locales to load, undefined if want to load all available locales
  function(errors, loadedLocales, store) { // Callback
    // errors = hash of exceptions thrown by each erroneous locale, or undefined if no error
    //          any global error will be stored in errors.ALL
    // loadedLocales = array of successfully loaded locales
    // store = store module
// Go translate :)
console.log(i18n.translate('Chicken')); // "Poulet"
console.log(i18n.translate('Chicken', 'it')); // "Pollo"
console.log(i18n.translate('Chicken {name}', {name: "KFC"})); // "Poulet KFC"
console.log(i18n.translate('Chicken {name}', {name: "KFC"}, 'it')); // "Pollo KFC"