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Generate your RSS file along with Punch blog content handler.

This plugin is intended to work with punch blog content handler.


npm install punch-rss-generator

Note about dependencies

This will install following packages as peer dependencies (directly in your node_modules directory):


In your config.json:

  "plugins": {
    "generator_hooks": {
      "rss_generator": "punch-rss-generator"

  "blog": {
    "rss": {
      // RSS configuration

The RSS file will be created at generation time. As generators are not called by punch server you'll have to call punch generate to see it built.


Here are the different options you can set in

  // If set to true, this will embed a parsed version of your blog contents
  // If false, it will simply take the brut markdown
  "html": false,

  // Final URL for your RSS file
  "url": "/rss.xml",

  // URL of your website
  "site-url": "http://…",

  // Title and description of your RSS feed
  "title": "",
  "description": "",

  // Additional tag you would want to add in <channel> section
  "channel": {
    // Default is empty, here are some examples:
    // "language":  "en",
    // "copyright": "Nicolas Chambrier",
    // "ttl":       1440

  // Logo of your RSS feed (default is no image)
  "image": "http://…"