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Remote Nuclide Server & HHVM in a Docker container for Windows usage with Nuclide Remote Project Folder functionality. You can obtain more information about Nuclide at

The goal of this project is to code Hack in Windows with Nuclide and be able to run the hh_client through the Remote Project Folder functionality


This repo is strongly based on the work done by joseajp in his nuclide-remote repo.


HHVM doesn't work natively on Windows yet and my goal was to be able to work with Nuclide and the HHVM Client (hh_client) in order to be able to lint my Hack code.

So, making use of the Remote Project functionality and this Docker image with Nuclide Remote and HHVM you can make it work.


  1. Clone this repo wherever you want.
  2. Build the Docker image.
  3. Run the image you've just built.
  4. Connect remotely with Nuclide to the available /projects folder
  5. Work as usual.

Build and run

In command line would be:

cd /path/to/the/cloned-repo
docker build . --tag $TAG
docker run -d -p 9090:9090 -p 9091:22 -v $SRC_WWW:/projects --name $CONTAINER $TAG

In my case, $TAG is nhw, $CONTAINER is nhw0 and $SRC_WWW is D:/wamp64/www. So...

docker build . --tag nhw
docker run -d -p 9090:9090 -p 9091:22 -v D:/wamp64/www:/projects --name nhw0 nhw


Build arguments

There are two default values for the build:

  • r - The root's password. Defaults to nuclide.
  • v - Nuclide version to be installed in the VM. Defaults to 0.236.0.

Those can be changed at build time by using the --build-arg argument.

docker build . --build-arg p=my0wnP4ss --build-arg v=0.238.0

Nuclide host and client versions MUST MATCH

If they don't, Atom Nuclide will throw this error when try to connect remotely:

Version mismatch. Client at XXX while server at YYY

To know which version you need, go to Settings / Packages and look for "Nuclide" and see the package version you have installed. That is the one you need to set in the v build argument.

Share your drive/s

You have to share the drive in order to give the image access to it. You can do that in Docker / Settings / Shared Drives, then check the ones you wanna share and apply the changes.

How to run the Docker image with multiple source folders?

In case you have many folders with your projects distributed in your local machines, you can use the -v several times and define a subfolder for each. For instance, I have my backend projects at D:/wamp64/www and my frontend projects at D:/dev, so I run:

docker run -d -p 9090:9090 -p 9091:22 -v D:/wamp64/www:/projects/backend -v D:/dev:/projects/frontend --name nhw0 nhw

Nuclide remote connection

Once you have the image running in Docker, go to your local machine and:

  • Open Atom + Nuclide.
  • In the Tree view, click on the Add Remote Project Folder.
  • Introduce the following settings:
    • Username - root
    • Server - localhost or
    • Initial Directory - /projects/<your-project-folder>
    • SSH Port - 9091
    • Password - nuclide
    • Remote Server Command - nuclide-start-server --port 9090

Handling the container

Some useful Docker commands:

# Access to the container bash
# docker exec -it $CONTAINER $CMD
docker exec -it nhw0 bash

# Stop the docker container
# docker stop $CONTAINER
docker stop nhw0

You're done

You can now start coding your project on Windows and make use of the HHVM Client


This repository is licensed under the terms of the MIT LICENSE.


HHVM and Remote Nuclide server in a Docker container for remote self-connection on Windows







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