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Pale Ghost

A blank, dev ready, Ghost theme. :)

Introduction letter

Hi there,

Thanks for considering this theme as on option for your Ghost blog development plan.

The idea behind this theme is to provide a well structurated, deconstructed in different "modules", style-less theme... a blank theme.

You might find this Ghost theme useful if you want to develop your own theme for your blog or for distribution. Use it as a kick off for your future perfect and stunning theme.

Feel free to suggest any code improvement you might think this project needs. Also, ping me if you need some help.

Thanks again,


What to expect

All Ghost features

It includes all the Ghost functionalities a theme can provide, in a modular implementation so it is easy to customize those functionalities or get rid of them.

Probably you will not want everything Ghost shows on a theme, but trust me when I say it is easy to remove those stuff you do not want to see instead of add them if they are missing in the first place.

Code separated into different .hbs files

While trying to avoid complicating the whole code, still some parts of it are divided into different .hbs files for easy understanding of what those specific snippets do, and to easily customize them or remove them.

For example, you might find that page.hbs is exactly the same as post.hbs. The "logical" thing to do is to omit the page.hbs so Ghost loads the post.hbs for default, but both files are there for the reason that this is a developer ready theme.

No styles

The point with the Pale Ghost theme is to get a good markup with all the Ghost features already there.

For that reason, it does not include any CSS because the idea is that you use this theme as a base for your own creation that will include CSS (or SASS, or LESS) for the styling.

What the Pale Ghost theme does have is a beautify.css file that highlights the main elements in the markup for a more easy coding. Keep this in the head.hbs file if you don not want to see a mess when loading the theme in your browser.

Also, you can find a ghost.css file which includes some mandatory CSS class for the GScan validation to pass.

AMP ready

With some specific AMP modifications separated into specific .hbs files for easy maintenance.

GScan valid

GScan is designed to check your theme for various issues that we know cause compatibility problems. Our aim is to allow themes to suggest which versions of Ghost they are compatible with via engines in package.json, but to always know for sure by running various checks.

Read more about it in the GScan documentation.


Remember this project is a blank theme for you to use in order to create your own one. Nevertheless, it includes a beautify.css file to make it pretty if you want to see it on the browser without it looking like a real mess.

Go to assets/screenshots for some images of how the Pale Ghost theme looks like out of the box.


Simple as uploading the file into the Settings -> Design section from the Ghost Admin, or moving the pale-ghost folder into content/themes.

You can fork and/or clone this repo so it is easy for you to work on the code, or you can download the latest stable release from the Releases section.

Need help?

Visit the Issues section to post your problems so I (or anybody) can give you a hand.

You can also contact me at nahuel [at]


Copyright (c) 2018 Nahuel Sanchez

Released under the MIT license.

Portions of code were borrowed from Casper, copyright (c) 2013-2018 Ghost Foundation. Used under the MIT license.