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Actually adding the new readme file (left out from previous commit.

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+HappyTo: No more "sad bcc"
+What's a sad bcc, you ask? It's when you want to send an email a list of
+- who you'd prefer not to see each other's email addresses
+- who you want to still feel special
+- who you want to customize a piece of the email for
+So, what does HappyTo do then? I'd be happy to tell you. Basically, all
+of those things. Remember the days of mail merge? It's that, but with
+Gmail and Google Spreadsheets.
+You just:
+1. Create a Google Spreadsheet with at least an "email" column. You can
+create other columns to customize what will go in the email each person
+1. [Publish the spreadsheet](
+1. Export your Gmail user name and password locally
+ export GMAIL_PASSWORD = kazam
+ # feel free to put a space in front of those commands so they don't get stuck in your history
+1. Grab and start the app
+ git clone
+ bundle install
+ rails s
+ http://localhost:3000
+1. Enter your spreadsheet url
+1. Enter a subject template. You may use any column name as a Mustache template variable. Ex:
+ Great to see you yesterday {{name}}
+1. Enter a body template. You may use any column name as a Mustache template variable. Ex:
+ <p>Hi {{name}},</p>
+ <p>I'm happy to tell you I'm using HappyTo to send an email to you at {{email}}</p>
+ <p>Tell your dog, {{dog}}, I said hi!</p>
+Kazaam! Your emails are sent.
+What's under the hood
+HappyTo uses a few different technologies:
+- Rails of course
+- The extremely helpful [Tabletop](
+- The snazzy [Mustache](
+- The oft-overlooked [Foundation](
+Why don't you host this for me?
+A few reasons:
+- You don't get between a dog and his bone, and you don't get between a techie and their Gmail password.
+- I don't want to deal with spam-related issues. This is meant for personal use. Use something else to send out your shake weight emails. Gmail will cap you at about 200 bulk emails per day anyway.
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