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Logo Grabber

Given a url, makes a valiant effort to grab logo images from that page and any referenced stylesheets.

This is our first attempt at grabbing images given a url.

There's a lot of refactoring to do and isn't quite usable yet, but will be soon hopefully!

Logo collection strategy

  • [done] grab all images with the text logo in it (TODO: should also include icon, avatar, etc probably)
  • [done] grab all background images with the same (TODO: how to deal with sprites? ex:
  • [done] singular option to try to guess the best option (TODO: make this smarter)
  • [done] grab first image on the page if nothing is found yet
  • [done] grab favicon if all else fails (/favicon.ico, link rel favicon)
  • guess twitter handle, grab image from there (guess based on there being a twitter link within the retreived page, guess based on what's before the url, accept twitter url in options)

Additional options to implement

  • try for twitter/facebook option
  • auto guess vs full set of images to choose from
  • callback to help with choosing which image
  • integrating with paperclip and actual images not just urls?


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