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Play! 2 on dotCloud


This is an implementation of the dotCloud java service, using the new custom build API.

Example running instance:


You want this if:

  • you use dotCloud
  • you want to deploy Play! 2 apps


To test this, use the good old "git clone / dotcloud push" method:

git clone git://

To deploy your own application, put its code source into application folder or, Remplace the "application folder" by your "play application folder", and modify the dotcloud.yml (APPLICATION_FOLDER field) Don't forget to do one of the following:

  • dotcloud push with the --all flag (will force the use of rsync over git),
  • rm the .git directory (the CLI will gracefully fallback on rsync).


If it doesn't work, try dotcloud logs to see what's happening.


Horizontal scaling will work as expected. If you apply vertical scaling, you should probably edit playframework/run to customize the JVM parameters and specify an appropriate heap size.


This recipe is based on dotCloud "custom build API" and is a work in progress