This is the command line tool for Nails.
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Command Line tool for Nails

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This is the command line tool for Nails. It is an installable executeable which makes it easy to create new Nails apps, install (or reinstall) them, or to migrate databases.


Using Homebrew

  1. Tap Nails using brew tap nailsapp/nailsapp
  2. Install using brew install nails
  3. Update as normal using brew update && brew upgrade


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Create a symlink of the executable
  3. Place the symlink somewhere in your PATH
  4. To update, simply git pull origin master


You have a new binary (well, technically a shell script) called nails. You can pass one of the following arguments to the tool:

  • nails new folderName will clone the skeleton repository into folderName, install all the dependancies, run the Nails Installer and then prepare a new repository for the app.
  • nails upgrade will update all dependencies to their latest version then run the Nails Migration tool.
  • nails test will run PHPUnit tests for the application.
  • nails dev Shows available dev tools.
  • nails dev pull Pull down all public Nails repositories from GitHub

The tool also wraps the bundled console application within Nails applications and makes them available as additional commands. to view all available commands for your app simply call nails with no arguments in the app's root directory.


  • Composer is installed
  • Bower is installed
  • Git is installed
  • Git flow extension is installed