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Myanmar Keyboards


  • This package contains two types of Burmese Keyboard, Unicode and ZawGyi-One.


  • Type the following command one after another.
$ git clone
$ cd mm-kb
$ sudo make install
$ ibus-daemon -rdx
$ im-config -n ibus
$ gsettings set org.freedesktop.ibus.panel show 0

Now you can add the keyboard as follow.

  • Click on Text Entry Settings... Text Entry Setting

  • Click on "+" button and search Burmese input. You will see Burmese, Burmese (mm-myanmar3), and Burmese (mm-zawgyi). input

  • Add Burmese (mm-myanmar3) for Unicode keyboard and Burmese (mm-zawgyi) for ZawGyi-One keyboard.

  • Now you can change keyboard layout by pressing (Super + Space) key.

  • Whatever you are using, Burmese (mm-myanmar3) or Burmese (mm-zawgyi), you can switch between Burmese and English characters by a single press of Left Shift key.

##Changing System Fallback Font

After installation, your system font will be changed into ZawGyi-One. If you want to switch to Unicode fonts, search Myanmar Font Switcher in Unity Dashboard and open it. You can change the font you want in there.




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