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Gramm is an Antlr4-based Metamath proof verifier. From the supplied Metamath grammar (MM.g4), Antlr4 creates a lexer/parser pair and provides support code for walking the generated parse trees. Here's a small branch from's tree:

a small branch of

We walk the tree by extending an Antlr4-provided empty base listener. At particular terminal nodes of the tree, tokens are gathered and sent to the global scope manager for processing. The most important processing occurs via the proof nodes and involves calls to the proof verifier. A bit more detail can be found here.

Maven build

After cloning the project, navigate to its root and run:

$ mvn package

The executable gramm-x.y.z.jar will be created in the target directory (you can ignore the second created jar, original-gramm-x.y.z.jar). If you prefer to run tests prior to building the jar, run:

$ mvn package -DskipTests=false

Then again, you can skip the cloning/building and just download the pre-built executable.


Note: in place of, you can substitute any Metamath database.

$ java -jar -Xmx1g gramm-0.1.7.jar
reading source file ...
verifying source file ...
0 errors
0 warnings
31705 of 31705 proofs were verified
time: 9.73 sec


  • Gramm is distributed under the MIT License.

  • Although Gramm does not bundle any third party libraries, it depends on the Antlr4 runtime, and the executable jar will contain Antlr class files. Antlr4 is distributed under the BSD 3-Clause License.

  • The Metamath files in the test/resources directory are in the public domain or available under the CC0 1.0 Universal License, with the exception of, which is distributed under the GPL License. See each file for full details. Many of these files were copied from David Wheeler's github project: