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;;; nd-js.el --- To generate NaturalDocs style docstrings for
;;; javascript
;; Author: Vineet Naik <>
;; Created: 31st March 2013
;; License: No license. Consider this as public domain.
;; What?
;; =====
;; This mode provides functionality to generate NaturalDocs style
;; doctrings for javascript function and variable definition at point.
;; Installation and Usage
;; ======================
;; Add the following lines to your emacs init file,
;; (add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/this/dir")
;; (load "nd-js")
;; (add-hook 'js-mode-hook
;; (lambda () (local-set-key (kbd "C-c d") #'nd-js-doc)))
;; The above lines will bind the function to the key `C-c d`. In your
;; javascript code, move point to definition of a function or variable
;; and use `C-c d`.
;; Code starts here
(defun nd-js-doc ()
"Interactive function to generate NaturalDocs style
documentation for javascript function or variable definition at
When in js-mode, it is bound to C-c d"
(when (or (string= major-mode "js-mode")
(string= major-mode "js2-mode"))
(let ((jsdef (nd-js-match-def (current-line-string))))
(if jsdef
(let ((type (car jsdef))
(name (cadr jsdef))
(args (cadr (cdr jsdef))))
(insert "/**")
(insert (nd-js-commentize (nd-js-doc-topic type name) t))
(insert (nd-js-commentize (format "<describe %s>" name) t))
(when args
(insert (nd-js-commentize "Parameters:" t))
(dolist (a args)
(insert (nd-js-commentize (format " (<type>) %s - <describe %s>" a a))))
(insert (nd-js-commentize "")))
(when (string= type "function")
(insert (nd-js-commentize "Returns:" t))
(insert (nd-js-commentize " <describe return type>" t)))
(insert "\n*/")
(message "Not a valid javascript definition")))))
(defun nd-js-commentize (text &optional appendblank)
"Format a line of string to be added inside js comment (javadoc
The optional appendblank is passed as t, it appends a blank line
below the string"
(if appendblank
(format "\n * %s\n *" text)
(format "\n * %s" text)))
(defun nd-js-indent-comment-region ()
"Select js comment region and indent it"
(search-backward "/**")
(let ((beg (point-at-bol)))
(search-forward "*/")
(indent-region beg (point-at-eol))))
(defun nd-js-doc-topic (type name)
"Return a string formatted as per NaturalDoc topic using the
type and name"
(format "%s: %s" (capitalize type) name))
(defun current-line-string ()
"Return current line as string"
(buffer-substring (point-at-bol) (point-at-eol)))
(defun nd-js-func-args (argstr)
"Return a list of args by parsing comma separated string
representing function args in js"
(if (string= argstr "")
(mapcar (lambda (str)
"\\`[ \t\n]*" ""
(split-string argstr ","))))
(defun nd-js-match-def (string)
"Match string to find the type, name and args from a string
representing definition of a variable or a function in js. Return
nil if doesn't match.
The returned value will be a list as (type name args)
eg. (\"function\" \"helloworld\" '(\"x\" \"y\")) or nil if its
not a valid definition in js"
(cond ((string-match "\s*var\s?\\([a-zA-Z0-9_]+\\)\s?=\s?function\s?(\\(.*\\))\s?{" string)
(list "function"
(match-string 1 string)
(nd-js-func-args (match-string 2 string))))
((string-match "\s*\\([a-zA-Z0-9_]+\\.[a-zA-Z0-9_.]+\\)\s?=\s?function\s?(\\(.*\\))\s?{" string)
(list "function"
(match-string 1 string)
(nd-js-func-args (match-string 2 string))))
((string-match "\s*function\s?\\([a-zA-Z0-9_]+\\)\s?(\\(.*\\))\s?{" string)
(list "function"
(match-string 1 string)
(nd-js-func-args (match-string 2 string))))
((string-match "\\([a-zA-Z0-9_]+\\):\s?function\s?(\\(.*\\))\s?{" string)
(list "function"
(match-string 1 string)
(nd-js-func-args (match-string 2 string))))
((string-match "\s*var\s?\\([a-zA-Z0-9_]+\\)\s?" string)
(list "variable" (match-string 1 string) nil))
((string-match "\s*\\([a-zA-Z0-9_]+\\.[a-zA-Z0-9_.]+\\)\s?=" string)
(list "variable" (match-string 1 string) nil))
((string-match "\\([a-zA-Z0-9_]+\\)\s?:\s?.*,?" string)
(list "variable" (match-string 1 string) nil))))
(defun nd-js-tests ()
"Unit Testing the functions"
;; tests for nd-js-func-args
(assert (equal (nd-js-func-args "x, y") '("x" "y")))
(assert (equal (nd-js-func-args "") nil))
;; tests for nd-js-match-def
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "var helloworld = 42;")
'("variable" "helloworld" nil)))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "var hello_world = function (x, y) {")
'("function" "hello_world" ("x" "y"))))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "function hw901_88 () {")
'("function" "hw901_88" nil)))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "helloWorld: 42")
'("variable" "helloWorld" nil)))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "helloworld: function (x, y) {")
'("function" "helloworld" ("x" "y"))))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "Greeting.helloworld = function (x, y) {")
'("function" "Greeting.helloworld" ("x" "y"))))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "Greeting.answer = 42")
'("variable" "Greeting.answer" nil)))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "A.B.C = 42")
'("variable" "A.B.C" nil)))
;; tests with/without whitespace and trailing semi-colon
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "var helloworld=42;")
'("variable" "helloworld" nil)))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "var hello_world = function(x,y){")
'("function" "hello_world" ("x" "y"))))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "function hw901_88(){")
'("function" "hw901_88" nil)))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "helloWorld : 42,")
'("variable" "helloWorld" nil)))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "helloworld:function (x,y) { ")
'("function" "helloworld" ("x" "y"))))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def " var helloworld=42;")
'("variable" "helloworld" nil)))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def " function hw901_88(){")
'("function" "hw901_88" nil)))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def " Greeting.helloworld = function (x, y) {")
'("function" "Greeting.helloworld" ("x" "y"))))
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def " Greeting.answer = 42")
'("variable" "Greeting.answer" nil)))
;; tests for non-relevant lines (should return nil)
(assert (equal (nd-js-match-def "x = y + 1;") nil))
(assert (string= (nd-js-doc-topic "variable" "hello") "Variable: hello"))
(assert (string= (nd-js-doc-topic "function" "doThis") "Function: doThis"))
;; (nd-js-tests)
;; nd-js.el ends here