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Conway's Game of Life

What and Why?

This is an implementation of the famous Conway's Game of Life in Python (Update: and Clojure). It's a result of Sunday afternoon boredom.

How to run?

First download .cells files from this game of life lexicon by running the script. This needs to be done only once.

    $ ./

It will take a while since there are many files to be downloaded. Once it's done, run the script,

    $ python

A .cells file will be randomly selected from the cells/ directory. You may also specify one by passing it as an argument to the command,

    $ python cells/101.cells




Currently the game is implemented in,

  • Python (see ✔
  • Clojure (see gol_clj) ✔

Implementions in other languages coming soon (whenever I am bored again!)