A lazy developer's toolbox. Mostly command line scripts.
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.config Add a .config dir with gitignored contents May 22, 2013
.gitignore Add .gitignore Jun 12, 2012
README.rst Add README Jun 12, 2012
anything.html Add a simple tool to render any random, temporary html in browser wit… Sep 13, 2012
appendjson.py Add appendjson script Jul 18, 2013
backup.sh fix backup.sh Mar 21, 2013
base.html Add a base html5 markup file Sep 2, 2012
cache_image.py fixed image not resizing properly Dec 5, 2013
cli.py Modify exception message in cli.py Jul 18, 2013
csv2json.py Fix docstring/help message in csv2json Jul 18, 2013
djangopo.py Add docstring for module and @command decorator May 22, 2013
ejabmodc.sh Add a shell script for conveniently compiling ejabberd modules Sep 14, 2012
fab_git_deploy.py Improve the fab_git_deploy script skeleton Apr 2, 2014
fuzzyassoc.py Add support for json and yml files and refactor Mar 12, 2014
genrest.py Add a generic helper for building rest API clients May 8, 2014
gitdeploy.sh Make gitdeploy.sh executable Jul 22, 2014
gitnightly.py Add the gitnightly python script Jul 17, 2012
histit.py Remove dependency on docopt and cli.py in histit Mar 17, 2014
jeeves.sh Add a handy script on top of the other scripts Jan 19, 2013
log2json.py Improve help message in log2json Jul 13, 2013
log_downloader.sh Add a script to download log files from server in an organized manner Apr 22, 2013
logan.py Completely rewrite logan.py Jul 7, 2013
mysql_log_analyzer.py Add a script to analyze mysql general log files Mar 19, 2013
mysqldump_gz.sh Add shell script to dump mysql tables in gzipped format Jan 6, 2014
percommit.sh Add script to run a command on unpushed commits Sep 7, 2014
requirements.txt Specify python dependencies in requirements.txt Jun 11, 2013
setup_git_deploy.sh Add shell script to configure git based deployment Jun 18, 2014
splitlogs.py Refactor splitlogs Jul 13, 2013
sqldiff.py Fix a refactoring mistake Jun 12, 2012



A lazy developer's toolbox.

Mostly command line tools.

May be cheatsheets and other useful stuff too.