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A lazy developer's toolbox. Mostly command line scripts.
Python Shell
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.config Add a .config dir with gitignored contents
.gitignore Add .gitignore
anything.html Add a simple tool to render any random, temporary html in browser wit… Add appendjson script fix
base.html Add a base html5 markup file fixed image not resizing properly Modify exception message in Fix docstring/help message in csv2json Add docstring for module and @command decorator Add a shell script for conveniently compiling ejabberd modules Improve the fab_git_deploy script skeleton Add support for json and yml files and refactor Add a generic helper for building rest API clients Make executable Add the gitnightly python script Remove dependency on docopt and in histit Add a handy script on top of the other scripts Improve help message in log2json Add a script to download log files from server in an organized manner Add a script to analyze mysql general log files Add shell script to dump mysql tables in gzipped format Add script to run a command on unpushed commits
requirements.txt Specify python dependencies in requirements.txt Add shell script to configure git based deployment Refactor splitlogs Fix a refactoring mistake



A lazy developer's toolbox.

Mostly command line tools.

May be cheatsheets and other useful stuff too.

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