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self evolving p2p platform
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This is a hub for software projects, with the aim to decentralize and distribute our communication infrastucture.

###AnEvoNet A self evolving p2p system that adaptively chooses different algorithms for different use cases. The network has self-healing capabilities: with the SLACER algorithm, the behaviour of freeriders would be copied by its connected peers, thus behave self-desctructing until mutual service collapses. After that the non-malicious peers would continue the last working strategy.

What does work so far?

Clients using the Golang client library use local udp peer discovery and form a network. Currently the only algorithm in use is newscast gossip.


"Clients"/modules connect to a local daemon through ZeroMQ and communicate according to a thrift rpc-protocol. They can export their own rpc-api as a thrift protocol, which is then tunneled over the local daemon to a remote daemon.

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