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Welcome to vastauine. This step by step Instructions will help you to setup Raspberry Pi from scratch.

                                     [ STEP 1 ]   
                           ---- Signup for Vastauine ----

To start using Raspberry Pi from the Internet. First Signup for by going to clicking on Login if u already have a vastauine login (old user) and follow easy auto install steps. If you dont have a vastauine Id though signup and you will be automatically setup.

                                      [ STEP 2 ]   
                             ---- Setup Raspberry PI  ----

This step assumes that u have just purchased a Raspberry Pi and want to install os and setup wifi and other important configurations if u already compleated this step you can SKIP this one. Dont have a Raspberry Pi Buy from Amazon Here : We have a video tutorial for this step :[video-1 steup Pi]
[video-2 setup wifi]

                                      [ STEP 3 ]   
                       ---- Setup Raspberry PI for Vastauine  ----

ALl you need to do is Clone>Download This code to your Raspberry Pi. setup to autoRun on Pi Boot up as In [ STEP 2 ] Open The File

Update your Credential Information

def username():
    return('YOUR USERNAME')

def password():
    return('YOUR PASSWORD')

def IP():

Save this File > Reboot Pi

Congratulations ! You can now access your Pi from anywhere.