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NAV Application Platform


  1. doc doc Public

    nais developer documentation

    Nix 51 53

  2. wonderwall wonderwall Public

    openid connect relying party as a sidecar/service

    Go 21 3

  3. naiserator naiserator Public

    Naiserator creates a full set of Kubernetes application infrastructure based on a single application spec.

    Go 36 12

  4. device device Public

    naisdevice is a application suite that enables NAV developers to connect to internal resources in a secure and friendly manner.

    Go 17 6

  5. tokendings tokendings Public

    Service implementing some parts of OAuth 2.0 Token Exchange (

    Kotlin 15 3

  6. unleasherator unleasherator Public

    Kubernetes Operator for Unleash feature toggle service

    Go 8 3


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