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NAIS clusters

NAIS is a platform spread over two different suppliers. One set of clusters on-premise, and another set running in the cloud (namely Google Cloud Platform).


The on-premise clusters are split into two zones, selvbetjeningsonen (SBS), fagsystemsonen (FSS).

cluster ingresses
dev-fss nais.preprod.local
dev-sbs nais.oera-q.local

Example: If your app is named myapp, then the URL for dev-fss would be https://myapp.nais.preprod.local/.

{% hint style="info" %} Remember https:// when calling on-premise URLs! {% endhint %}

{% hint style="warning" %} We are working on moving away from the preprod prefix, so use dev where possible. Read more about the decision over at pig-kubernetes-ops. {% endhint %}

Cloud - Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

In the cloud there are no zones. Instead, we rely on a zero-trust model with a service-mesh. The applications running in GCP needs access policy rules defined for every other service they receive requests from or sends requests to.

cluster ingresses

The different domains

In GCP we support three different domain names, dependent on what your need is.

  • Use (dev-) if you only need access from "utviklerimage"/VDI, typical use-cases is "saksbehandlere"
  • Use (dev-) or if you need access from laptop (via ScaleFT/NAVTunnel)
  • Use if it should be accessible for the world wide web
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