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Add documentation for using deployment-cli templating

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--appid=1234 \
--key=/path/to/private-key.pem \
--resources=nais.yaml \

If for any reason you are unable to use _deployment-cli_, please read the section on [NAIS deploy with cURL](#nais-deploy-with-curl).

### Handling multiple deployments using deployment-cli built in templating
deployment-cli has built in templating using [Handlebars](, this makes it possible to create
multiple deployments using the same nais.yaml as a template and different configuration files for placeholders. By
default deployment-cli will also inject a few of the flags passed to it:

* ref: git reference. Specified by the --ref flag. Default: master
* cluster: which cluster the deploy is for. Specified by the --cluster/-c flag. Default: dev-fss
* team: the team this deployment is for. Specified by the --team/t flag.
* version: the version, this is strictly for templating and should be used to specify which version of the Docker file should be pulled. Specified using the --version flag

apiVersion: ""
kind: "Application"
name: {{application_name}}
namespace: default
team: {{team}}
image: "{{version}}"
port: 8080
min: 1
max: 4
cpuThresholdPercentage: 70
path: /is_alive
path: /is_alive
enabled: true
path: /prometheus
{{#each env}}
name: '{{@key}}'
value: '{{this}}'

Here the version number and team name will be injected by the flags passed to deployment-cli, application_name will come
from the configuration file. For each pair in the env tag it will inject the key as the env var name and value as is.
"application_name": "example_app",
"env": {
"MY_ENV_VAR": "cluster specific value",
"SECOND_ENV_VAR": "another one"

### Deployment request spec

| Key | Description | Version added |

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